How it Works Kayicoin?

Kayicoin is an Ethereum Token ERC20, Who buys kayicoin every month with the profit we earn each month.

We are blocking it is Kayicoin so that the price increases, Know that it is the people who are not afraid who wins, Because you see that the price increases suddenly is descent of a blow, It is always necessary put on sale at the price or you thought to be in profit.

The profits come from the professional exchange on big exchange site Poloniex and on animal farm which is in Turkey,Our missions and to increase the investment on it's two sector.

To increase our investment we will resell the Kayicoin that we buy every month, Once the price of Kayicoin increases, The profit will increase even more.

Kayicoin Wallets

Kayicoin is securely stored in a wallet decentralized on Myetherwallet is Metamask .
Create your wallet and start sending and receiving payments with an address in one click.

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White Paper

Kayicoin is an Ethereum Token ERC20, Which were sold at 50,000 $ we invest this money in the trade cryptocurrency and in animal farms.

Our mission is to buy Kayicoin with the profits we earn and resell them when the price increases, To increase the interest on the cryptocurrency trade and on animal farms.

We say professional trader because you know that if you buy with all your money a coin at a high price and that the price is down for 3 months during these 3 months you can not trade and have income, but as we work professionally we Let's order so that the price can go down to avoid the risk so even if the price goes down we will always earn profits because there would always be a sale.

We say investing in animal farms like you know that a person without food can not live, As we are billions of people in the world and that every day with thousands of births, if we invesst not on this sector there would be even more death than today, So as I am of Turkish origin and I found a Turkish company that is launched in this sector we have invested 10,000 $ for the moment In the future, If the price of kayicoin increases, we will invest even more.

There is a maximum of 300.000.000 KAYI which means that there is more chance that the price increases, Here is how the price can increase with the profits we buy Kayicoin and blocks them until the price increases, The price can increase if you are thousands of people to buy kayicoin, The price can increase if we increase our investment on these two sectors.

It should be noted that in all sectors there are risks, we have taken every precaution to minimize the risk, I not force people to buy kayicoin everything is your risk you know that the price of the coin can to go down at low prices is to increase at a high price like a rocket.

All new projects will be shared on the social networks of Kayicoin the more we will be several people more projects will be built, We have not put road map because when a project is not sure to be on a specific date we want not be a liar.